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OEM Seat Belt Repair After Accident on All Makes & Models!

24HR Turnaround

Regardless of order size.

Lifetime Warranty

On all seat belt repairs!

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Seat Belt Repair

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24HR Turnaround


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Our Story

About Seat Belt Repair

Seat belts are vital safety components in every car, but if the car’s been in an accident and the airbag light is on, the seat belts will no longer work. We offer a seat belt repair service restoring your safety belts to OEM condition for a low price. All seat belt pretensioners can be repaired and work like new. An affordable alternative to seat belt replacement that will save you money and if you’re a business, move the cars off the lot quicker and safer.

Locked or blown seat belt retractors, pretensioners or buckles? Let us repair them in 24 hours or less!

seat belt retractor repair
buckle pretensioner repair
dual stage seat belt repairs
24 Hour Turnaround

All of our seat belt repairs come with a 24 hour turnaround! Regardless of what car model they’re from or how many you’re sending in. We are committed to your full satisfaction and understand how important a seat belt repair is.

Call us now at 855-552-7233 for your 24 hour seat belt repair.

100% OEM Parts

All seat belt pretensioners are equipped with a pyrotechnic device that goes off during even a minor crash. We fully rebuild all seat belts using only OEM parts and recharge the pyrotechnic device. Get a peace of mind with us.

Do not be fooled by competitors using counterfeit parts!


Seat Belt Repair After Accident

Only $64.99

Locked and blown seat belt retractors, pretensioners and buckles repaired back to their factory condition using 100% OEM parts.

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Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Only $74.99

Ripped, cut, torn, frayed, fraying, worn out and dog chewed seat belt webbing replaced using any color of your choice!

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Dual-Stage Seat Belt Repair

Only $99.99

Two-part seat belt repair after accident using 100% OEM parts. Seat belts that are equipped with 2 wire plugs or connectors.

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Our Services

SRS Airbag Module Reset

If your airbag light is on due to an accident or a crash, you will need this service to erase all crash data & hard codes. We reprogram your module to OEM.

Seat Belt Retractor Repair

Locked or blown seat belt after accident? We rebuild all seat belt retractors using OEM parts and recharge the pyrotechnic device to make it like new again.

Dual-Stage Repair

A dual-stage seat belt repair is for seat belt pretensioners that are equipped with 2 wire connectors or plugs. We rebuild the entire seat belt assembly!

Buckle Pretensioner Repair

Some vehicles have a gas charge in the seat belt buckle pretensioner that goes off during a crash or an accident. This is the female part.

Triple Stage Repair

A triple-stage seat belt is one that has 3 total wire plugs or connectors. There may be 2 on the seatbelt retractor with an anchor piece attached.

Webbing Replacement

Ripped, cut, torn, frayed, fraying, worn out and dog chewed seat belt webbing replacement service using any color you'd like!

seat belt repair review 1

Nathanial A.

I can't believe the quick turn around. 2 days after mailing the seat belts, they were on and working perfectly. Amazing!

seat belt repair review 2

Robert B.

First class service! Sent in my 1970's seat belt for re-webbing and never expected such an outstanding service. Better than expected.

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