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What Makes Up Quality Seat Belt Webbing?

If you are looking to find a shop that can fix car seat belts for you, there are a number of things you should be looking for. You should be looking for a shop that has a good reputation among past customers, one that has all the right certifications, one that prices its services affordably, and most importantly—one that performs quality repairs. Pertaining to the latest aspect, there are actually a number of things that make up the term ‘quality.’ When it comes to having someone fix car seat belts for you, quality means that repairs will be done using industry standard tools and 100% OEM pars. This means that every single part—including the webbing, buckle, pre-tensioner, bolts, etc.—replaced is of upmost standard. Below I will go into further detail about what makes up quality webbing.

Quality webbing in a belt is important because without strong, durable, material, the entire mechanism will not be able to operate the way it should. If there is weak or worn out webbing, the occupant will not be maximally secured in his or her seat and could potentially face serious injury or even death.

It is well known that most safety belt webbing is made out of polyester material because it is a high quality material and has high strength tenacity. Some of the other qualities of polyester seat belts are great elongation, excellent resistance to abrasion, great ability to withstand high and low temperatures, difficultly to ignite or burn quickly, high resistance to sunlight, and high resistance to most common chemicals. When you are looking through different shops that fix car seat belts, make sure that you choose one that uses this superior material.

A quality seat belt repair shop that you can turn to for seat belt repair is Safety Restore. Safety Restore only uses industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts in its repair process, plus it makes sure to have the highest quality materials—including webbing. Visit today and see how great this company is on your own!

Can't say enough good things about them. My dog chewed 3 of my seat belts and they fixed them all and saved me a lot of money. Great service, fast turnaround and easy to deal with! Thanks again!

Posted by Bob Pratte on Friday, February 1, 2019

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