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SRS Airbag Module Reset

SRS Airbag Module Reset Service

What Is SRS Airbag Module Reset Service?

The SRS Airbag Module Reset service is when we erase post accident data from the airbag module.

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How Airbag Module Works?


An airbag module is a computer responsible for controlling airbags and seat belts. Especially during a crash. When a vehicle gets into an accident, crash sensors send a signal to the SRS computer. Than, it triggers the airbags deploy. Simultaneously, the seat belts lock up as well. That secures the occupant away from the airbag in his or her seat. Even a minor crash can significantly impact the airbag control module.

How Do You Reset Airbag Module?

After the accident the codes and all data goes to the memory of the control module.

Once a vehicle has been in a crash, the airbag module will most likely have data known as crash data or hard codes stored. This will illuminate the airbag light, ponting to a problem or fault codes in the computer. These codes we retrieve or read using an OBD scan tool compatible with your vehicle, but they cannot be erased.


Until recently, the only solution available was to purchase a new SRS airbag module from the dealer! Now, we are able to full reprogram your airbag module, to factory condition, removing and erasing all crash data and hard codes after accident.

That is SRS airbag module reset service. If you are ready, you can click or tap the button below.

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When Do I Need Airbag Module Reset?

After accident, you likely need airbag module reset. Unfortunately you need it even when there were insignificant accidents. During such accidents computer airbag module stores crash data, and than you can see the airbag lights up. One of our services is resets airbag modules. We erase post-accident crash data and hard codes.

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