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OEM Seat Belt Repair After Accident on All Makes & Models!

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Lifetime Warranty

On all seat belt repairs!

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Seat Belt Repair

Seat Belt Repair

Seat belt repair service is for all locked and blown seat belts after accident. All makes & models.

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How Seat Belt Repair Works

So does how seat belt repair works? We know seat belts are there for our safety in case of an accident. That's true, but do we know how they work? Besides the obvious locking mechanism in place, seat belts are actually highly engineered mechanisms that are very complex. Each seat belt is equipped with a gas charge or a pyrotechnic device that is in place to go off during a crash. Once the seat belt deploys, it will no longer work. Seat belts lock up pulling the occupant away from the airbag. We are able to offer a seat belt repair service that fully rebuilds the entire seat belt mechanism along with replacing the gas charge responsible for locking. Seat belts, regardless of what car they're from, share the same duty and are under 3 major manufacturers. We obtain all of our parts from OEM manufacturers giving you a peace of mind. All of our seat belt repair technicians are certified and highly trained with years of experience. With our seat belt repair service you are saving hundreds of even thousands of dollars compared to buying new! his affordable seat belt replacement alternative is really a game changer for the automotive industry. If you work with salvage cars, rebuildables from auctions or are simply fixing your own car, we can save you money. Our seat belt repair comes with Lifetime Warranty.

Our seat belt repair facility has an online store where you can place your order online. Visit and order today!

No! This is a service to repair your existing seat belt. You must mail in your seat belts to us for repair:

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We work with all makes and models from 1996 and up! Unless the damage is beyond a repair, chances are – we can fix your seat belts!

Sure thing! We’ll be more than happy to assist you with any seat belt repair questions you may have.

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Offering seat belt repair service after accident as well as seat belt webbing replacement on ripped, cut, frayed, fraying, worn out and dog chewed seat belts.

seat belt repair service

Types of Seat Belt Repair Services

We offer different types of seat belt repair services. Starting from repairing locked & blown seat belts after accident - our most popular seat belt repair service, to replacing ripped, cut, frayed, fraying, worn out and dog chewed seat belt webbing! We also repair seat belt retractors with weak or old springs. Though all these seat belt repair services vary in complexity, you should expect to always pay a low price between $50-$100 per seat belt. Whether you are a large shop that sells used salvage cars or rebuildables or if you're an independent collector or a mechanic, we will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

  • Locked seat belts
  • Blown seat belts
  • Not retracting seat belts
  • Broken seat belts
  • Seat belts after accident
  • Frayed seat belts
  • Cut seat belts
  • Worn out seat belts
  • Dog chewed seat belts
  • Weak spring seat belts