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OEM Seat Belt Repair After Accident on All Makes & Models!

24HR Turnaround

Regardless of order size.

Lifetime Warranty

On all seat belt repairs!

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Pregnant Driving Safety

Never wait to get your seat belt repair

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for a lot of us. There are so many things to do to help prepare for your new coming baby. We buy countless baby items to prepare our homes like baby clothes, diapers, bottles, formula, etc. We may also take a mental break by going on a babymoon or even take some classes to learn more about everything baby related. We want the best for our new addition to the family as we approach for this huge but amazing life change.

Getting a car seat is one of the biggest and most common items to buy on the to-do list for all of us. It is a priority for child safety when on the road. The car seat is usually the only thing we do in regards to our vehicle to prepare for a baby. However, the car itself is not something to ignore either. Giving it a thorough cleaning just to have a good reboot before everything gets crazy is a good idea but it is also good to make sure the car itself is in good condition as well. This is especially true for the Supplemental Restraint System in your vehicle. You may need services such as seat belt repair or airbag module reset to prepare the car for being safe on the road.

Safety Restore is a great company resource to help you with the seat belt repair or anything else regarding the SRS. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all their services. They also have an amazing 24 hour turnaround service which is extremely handy if you are near to meeting your baby but still need to prepare the vehicle last minute. You can rest assured that all of your parts will be back to factory condition in no time. On top of that, their prices are super affordable as compared to a dealer. This leaves you more money for everything else you will need to buy. All other components of your car can be handled by a dealer or you can DIY.

While it is important to prepare your home and mind for a newborn, it is also important to prepare your vehicle so you are safe on the road to all of babies appointment checkups.

After an accident our seatbelts locked up. I was a little skeptical when I found this option online – because like…

Posted by Leighanne Denja on Saturday, March 24, 2018

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