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Get to Know Seat Belt Repair

about seat belt repair

A seat belt repair service has only become available recently and has already saved millions of dollars for our customers. A locked or blown seat belt after accident no longer needs to be replaced with a new one from the dealer, costing hundreds to thousands. Not only does our seat belt repair service save money, we help keep our Earth green by recycling and refurbishing seat belts. With the salvage industry thriving, more and more insurance auctions are opening up and making it possible to millions of Americans to afford great cars that have been rebuilt after a crash or an accident safely. Safety is our #1 priority and you get just that with our service.

Safety Restore is the leader in post-accident restorations and happens to be our repair facility of choice. With engineers and techs having years of experience, you can rely on a company that will get your seat belts repaired to the factory condition using OEM parts. Need a seat belt repair service?

About Seat Belt Repair

Though seat belt pretensioners existed in all cars from 1996, seat belt repair services have only been introduced recently. For years, Americans spent millions annually buying new seat belts. This included locked and blown seat belts after accident, seat belts that were simply broken, seat belts that had bad, ripped, cut, torn, worn out, frayed, fraying and dog chewed webbing, seat belts that came out of antique cars, seat belts that have weak or rusted coil springs and other seat belts. That’s millions of seat belts dumped into trash contaminating our landfill with harmful materials. Not to mention how much money was wasted. Today, you are able to save by having your seat belts repaired.


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We are one of the first seat belt repair companies in America and hold the highest rank in experience among all car makes and seat belt types. When you get your seat belt repaired by us, the workmanship quality is unmatchable.

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